GISH Online for Credit Recovery

  • GISH Online Policy for Credit Recovery - Policy 7551

    Credit recovery is an alternative to course repetition for students who have previously failed a course required for high school graduation. Credit recovery targets the course standards in which students are deficient. Credit-bearing courses include courses required for graduation in the areas of English, math, science, social sciences, and required electives such as health or personal finance. Courses required for graduation, but not included in allowable credit recovery offerings are physical education and choice/pathway electives available at GISH. Credit recovery courses are individualized to the student's plan of study to graduate.

    Type of Instruction: Performance-based method for credit recovery classes utilizing a blended instructional approach with both onsite and online teacher support with approved online credit recovery courseware. Approved online credit recovery courseware for each content area is identified by the district curriculum office in alignment with state standards. In all cases, staff must regularly monitor and assess student progress toward mastery of the specific standards on which the students are working.

    Enrollment Cap: 390 (Individual students taking 1 - 3 credit recovery courses within a single grade reporting period)

    Criteria for Enrollment: A student qualifies for credit recovery if…

    • Student has failed the course previously or was unable to take course with age aligned
    • The needed class is outside of a student’s age aligned cohort (ie. EL students).
    • Has never attended GISH online or was highly successful in GISH online.