English Language Learners

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    Grand Island Public Schools will ensure the academic success of our English Language Learners while respecting diversity and maintaining their cultural and linguistic identities.

    We advocate and provide for:

    • specialized instruction that develops English proficiency in the four language domains of reading, writing, speaking and listening;
    • meaningful access to rigorous core curriculum, instruction and assessment;
    • equal opportunities to participate in all curricular and extracurricular activities;
    • collaboration with students, parents and staff to meet educational goals;
    • connections to school, community and society.

    The English Language Learners program in Grand Island Public Schools helps students of all age and grade levels learn English.

    Students go through a process of identification of Limited English Proficient (LEP) upon entering the district, beginning with the Home Language Survey.

    If the survey indicates any language other than English is the primary language spoken by the student, the student will take English Language Proficiency tests at the Welcome Center.

    If the results of these tests indicate the student has limited English proficiency, students are recommended for ELL program classes at their home school.

    These classes help students achieve English language profiency to transition to the traditional classroom fulltime. 

    For more information on the program and the process, contact the GIPS ELL department at (308) 385-5900.