Social Studies

  • The goal of social studies education is to prepare students to be responsible and productive citizens in a democratic society and a globally interdependent world. Through an integrated study of social disciplines, students will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes as they become lifelong learners. All students have access to a standards-based social studies curriculum working to build knowledge of specific discipline content, thinking skills, commitment to democratic values and citizen participation, all essential to maintaining a democratic way of life.

    Social studies provides content that students will use to understand political, social, and economic issues and apply their knowledge and skills to make effective personal and public decisions. With a variety of relevant learning experiences that connect the present to the past, engage active learning, and promote ongoing measures of student achievement, highly skilled teachers ensure students become informed, active citizens who thrive in a culturally diverse, global society.

    GIPS follows the Nebraska Department of Education's Nebraska Social Studies Standards.  As per the Nebraska State Board of Education, "the purpose of the Nebraska Social Studies Standards is to teach our children to become young patriots who have an intellectual understanding of the genius of our country's founding principles and who feel an emotional connection to our nation.  Achieving this purpose requires teaching Nebraska students to become responsible citizens who are prepared to preserve, protect and defend freedom and democracy in our nation and in the world." For the full transcript, follow this link.