Ombudsman Program

  • Ombudsman Educational Services (OMB) provides alternative education programs for middle and high school students who have demonstrated they are a danger to self and/or others. OMB provides a flexible schedule with morning and afternoon sessions. Ombudsman offers academic, social and behavioral support so that students earn their high school diplomas and are prepared to make positive choices about the future. Ombudsman utilizes a number of research-based curriculum resources to deliver its instructional model. Initial and ongoing teacher-led instruction is tailored to ensure each student earns the necessary credits to arrive at graduation in accordance with his or her success plan. Ombudsman’s rigorous and relevant academic programs are accredited by Cognia and aligned to Common Core and state-specific standards.

    Referrals to the local Ombudsman Program come from Grand Island Senior High School and on a limited basis from GIPS Middle Schools; this program is not available outside of this referral partnership. Referrals are made at weekly meetings via an electronic referral form. Students referred must have a record of behaviors that are a danger to self and/or others. If a student is on an IEP, the IEP team must meet to make the referral recommendation. Students will receive a diploma from GIPS and may participate in GISH graduation. Students can earn credits to graduate early. Individual plans will be created to ensure college and career ready students.

    • Enrollment CAP: 70 students, not to exceed 15% SE
    • Criteria for HS Enrollment:
      • Reassignment Disposition: Policy 8450 and 8450.1
        • Pattern of Documented Disruptive Behaviors
        • Must be defined as unsafe or threatening behavior
        • Adjudications associated with the pattern of documented disruptive
          behaviors at school
        • Alternative to Expulsion
          • Weapons, Threats, etc.
        • Felony Charges in the Community
      • Factors that do not impact placement:
        • Response to other school academic interventions
        • Attendance patterns
        • District and State Assessment Patterns
        • IEP Students - Team must meet prior to referral to the committee.
    • Non-Reassignment Placements:
      • Parent/Student Requests
      • Alternative Learner/Unique Learner Circumstances
      • Prior Enrollment (incoming students - not an automatic placement)
    • Criteria for OMB Exit:
      • Student Desire to Return to High School (not mandatory return)
      • On track for Credits
      • Attended OMB for at least 9 weeks.
      • Completed a personalized transition program (partial day attendance at GISH and
        at OMB)
      • Transition Team includes, Parent/Student, OMB Director, OMB Teacher, Academy Principal, Academy Counselor, SE support as needed.
      • No recurring behaviors that meet the assignment criteria.
    • Criteria for MS Enrollment:
      • Alternative to Expulsion
    • Criteria for MS Exit:
      • Return to middle school at the end of the expulsion period (Trimester)
      • Development of an intentional return to learn plan (MTSS Team)