• Through a focus on strategic plan priorities, the Leading for Learning team builds the capacity of campus leaders and staff to bring vibrant learning to all students.

    The Leading for Learning team is comprised of district leaders with experience and expertise, whose work revolves around the development, implementation and execution of a guaranteed and viable curriculum, effective instructional strategies and on-going personalized professional learning.

    Because student learning is at the center of all we do, our efforts necessarily focus on the content, contexts and processes that will likely provide the best possible learning opportunities. Teachers have always been the key to great learning experiences; it's what happens between the teachers and students that determines whether learning opportunities are engaging, rigorous, relevant, meaningful, and lasting. Thus, the L4L Team provides teachers and principals with a high level of support -- so they can continually teach better and improve students' learning experiences.

    The L4L Team also helps facilitate the district's teaching and learning process by offering ongoing dialogue with GIPS educators which challenges our notions about the best ways to teach, assess, and grade students. As educators, we must be committed to making decisions based on research and best practices, regularly reflecting on current practices, making changes when better information becomes available, and continually improving the science and craft of education.

    The GIPS teachers and administrators have responsibility for actively engaging in individual and collaborative work that improves learning opportunities for every student. The L4L Team is committed to providing centralized functions which support and enhance student learning. By doing so, we aim to help GIPS staff members work smarter and more effectively and realize the district's mission of "Every Day, Every Student, a Success."

    - Dr. Toni Palmer,
    GIPS Chief of Leadership & Learning - tpalmer@gips.org 

Dr. Toni Palmer headshot