• Outdoor photo of Gates Elementary

    The school was named for Dr. C. Ray Gates, Superintendent of Schools from 1922 until his death in September 1944.


    The building included only Grades K-4. It consisted of five classrooms, an office suite, and a multi-purpose room. The school was officially dedicated on November 8, 1955.


    A two room addition was approved in April 1957. This addition was occupied in January 1958.


    More land was purchased and three more classrooms were built.


    Four more rooms were added, bringing the total number of classrooms to fourteen, from the original five in 1955.


    Gates School was selected as the site for special education services. A gymnasium, office, media center, music room, standard classrooms, and special education classrooms were added and occupied in 1982. The school now had twenty classrooms and space for special services.


    Gates added a third section of grades Kindergarten, First, Second and Third. A full time ELL specialist was added on staff in 2006. A part time social worker joined the staff that year as well. Gates was also selected as the site for the district's ELL Newcomers program in 2006.


    Gates alternated between two and three sections of grade 4 and 5. A full time learning facilitator was added on staff in 2011. Gates was selected as the site the the district's Educational and Life Skills program in 2013.