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Dodge 5th Graders Earn Top Spots in Online Math Competition

Dodge 5th Graders smiling with their Math Competition certificates


For these Dodge Dragons math is a fun-filled adventure!


Seven 5th Graders from Mrs. Carter’s class at Dodge Elementary recently placed in the Top 10 of the Central Nebraska Math contest hosted on Sumdog. Capping-off the academic based achievement was Domingo who earned top spot as the number one finisher.


By now, we’re sure you’re asking — what is Sumdog?


Sumdog is an online, interactive Math game designed for teachers and students to hone their math prowess in the classroom. Students are able to practice a variety of math skills that are tailored to curriculum standards. Per Sumdog’s website, the online educational resource boasts over 48,000 classes taking part every year, answering over 3.5 billion questions.


For Mrs. Carter’s class, Sumdog has proven to be a fun way to add incentive to the classroom.  Her 5th Graders have the opportunity to play math-based games when they’ve finished their daily math work or upon completing their WIN math time. Because learning can be fun and engaging while still sparking student growth.


Adding to the vibrant learning, Sumdog hosts contests throughout the year. Mrs. Carter’s 5th Grade class competed in the Central Nebraska Contest throughout the week of September 9th - 15th.


With seven top 10 finishers and a competition winner, these 5th Graders have much to be proud of. Here’s what a few students had to say about the fun challenge:


Avilia - “It was fun to play the games!”


Yensi - “I like that the competition got intense.”


For teachers like Mrs. Carter, it’s all about igniting that passion for learning and seeing that incremental growth along the way. 


“Sumdog is a great program to have in my toolbox for students to practice their Math skills. The students love to compete against each other and they forget they are practicing math. There is something for everyone on Sumdog so every student experiences success.”


Congratulations, Dodge Dragons, for bringing learning to life!