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Healthy Blue Donates $30k to GISH Automotive Pathway

GISH Automotive students standing with Healthy Blue Team, Sen. Aguilar, and Principal D. W. Holley w/ big check.

Healthy Blue Nebraska made a special visit to the Career Pathways Institute (CPI) at the Academies of Grand Island Senior High (GISH) today with one goal in mind: Presenting the Automotive Pathway with a $30,000 donation.

A seemingly uncanny pairing that makes all the sense in the world.

As they provide support across the state, Healthy Blue Nebraska saw an opportunity within the GISH Automotive Pathway to make a unique helpful impact. 

“Healthy Blue’s mission is to help out in the community wherever we can, wherever we see a need. And right now we’re seeing a big transportation need and we’re just trying to fill-in that gap in different parts of Nebraska.” Audrey Recheleau, Healthy Blue Community Rep, shared, “We saw this transportation need and saw a great opportunity to partner with Grand Island Public Schools to help fill that gap.”

The $30,000 will go a long way for the Juniors and Seniors who will work on vehicles for families in need. A generous donation that will certainly help fuel the future of the Automotive Pathway as their students hone their skills and provide a positive impact to a number of folks. 

“We will continue the work of servicing our community’s automobiles and expanding our students' learning.” Mr. D.W. Holley, GISH Academy of Technical Sciences Principal, continued, “This will help defray the cost involved with materials needed to provide the services at little to no cost for our customers. What our students receive in return is the experience to grow in their skills as auto and diesel technicians.”

The GISH Automotive Pathway is nested under the umbrella of the Academy of Technical Sciences and is housed at the state-of-the-art Career Pathways Institute. Over 60 Juniors and Seniors in the pathway will have an opportunity to contribute to the work directly impacted by the Healthy Blue Nebraska donation. Specifically, families in need.

More importantly, the partnership speaks to the power of community collaboration and the role public education can play in that regard. 

“It’s a huge impact!” Mr. Holley affirmed, “This allows our students to take on more projects, more complex projects, it opens it up a little bit more as we help serve needs for our community and for families that need it most.” 

Nebraska Senator Raymond Aguilar was even on-site for the presentation. When interacting with a few students, he commended their work mentioning they had much to be proud of.

Students or families in need of automotive repair support may connect with the program through the Project Connect social workers at Grand Island Senior High, or simply inquire with the CPI front desk at 308.385.5601. 

Supporting the community and expanding student opportunities — it’s a win-win.

Thank you, Healthy Blue Nebraska, for the generous support!